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Chillar se kya hi hota hai aaj kal? | by Spenny - #KhushiyonKiGullak

"Kuch sikke leke nikle the, poori duniya khareed laaye." This project is close to us. Very close. And we want to tell you why. You know, our initial curiosity was to figure out the wackiest, craziest thing one can do with spare change. Did we, though? Nah. We did something that we are wayyy proud of. Watch along as we gather the brightest of smiles and the warmest of happiness, just from spare change. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy Chillar. Twitter: https://twitter.com/spennyapp Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spennyapp/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spennyapp Download the app: https://spenny.app.link/KhushiyonKiGullak #actofkindness #chillar #happiness #viral #trending #video #spenny #support #kindness #children #tears #smiles #books #gift #nostalgia #travel #bangalore #koramangala #karnataka #india #hindi #hinglish #kannada #school #teachers #cycle #candy #cottoncandy #yestheory #khushiyonkigullak

#YesSheCan | Brand Marketing Campaign

Can she be a daughter and the sole breadwinner of her family? Yes, she can, and she has. Can she be a mother at home and a CEO in the office? Yes, she can, and she has. Can she be a chef and the best accountant? Yes, she can, and she has. Can she manage her household and finances? #YesSheCan, and she will. This Independence Day, #BreaktheResistance with Spenny. At Spenny, we are working towards making a nation that invests regularly. We won't be able to build that India if half of its population doesn't invest. So this is our attempt to urge women to break the resistance because they can. Download Spenny: https://spenny.app.link/downloadSpennyapp Follow us on social media: Instagram: www.instagram.com/spennyapp Twitter: www.twitter.com/spennyapp Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/spenny Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spennyapp

Muhurat Trading 2022: What is Muhurat Trading, Time & Benefits

In a culturally diverse country like India, rituals are a part of a few life actions. People try to find an auspicious time or “Muhurat” most important decisions and occasions. Whether it is a wedding, business launch, housewarming, or investing, they check the position of stars and determine whether it’s in their favour. Similarly, every year on Diwali, the festival of lights, there is an hour-long trading window to invest in stocks. “Muhurat” is an auspicious time to start something new or go